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Each Ignatian Business Chapter is a forum of trust in which professionals can reframe business as a vocation compatible with faithful living. The chapter facilitates the interpersonal connections and meaningful dialogue that are at the heart of the Ignatian business experience.

Professionals are drawn to Ignatian Business Chapters by a shared desire to align professional success with personal values. They strive to approach business decisions in ways that reflect their faith and values, and positively impact their organizations on a deeper level. What's more, they want to contribute to a society that serves the human spirit, the local community, and the world at large.

Members are invited to follow a roadmap for conscientious professional and personal growth. Chapter members strengthen their business sense and sense of purpose, encouraging each other along the way.


Chapters take a deliberate and thoughtful approach based on a proven small-group discussion model. The experience is enriched as members bring their own insights to every discussion. This process results in incremental, cumulative personal growth.

Local groups meet each month at locations such as corporate conferences rooms, cafeterias, college campuses, alumni offices, retreat centers, and parish meeting rooms. Effective chapters benefit from consistent member participation yet attendance is flexible to allow for the complexity of work and family schedules, business travel, and other obligations.


A typical meeting lasts for 90 minutes and includes the following:

Introductions Reading of the IBC Mission Statement
Reading of Scripture
Silent Scripture Reflection
Discussion of Scripture Reflection
Presentation of the Discussion Topic
Topic Discussion
Reflection and Meeting Evaluation
Closing Prayer

Find your balance... with an Ignatian Business Chapter!